• Munckhof Tree Shaker

    Munckhof Tree Shaker

    A used Munckhof tree hhaker is for sale. The tree shaker unit can be used to harvest cherrys, apples and pears. The tree shaker consists of two self-proplled units, which are driven on each side of the row when harvesting. A trailer for the collection of fruits is also included. Call us for further details.  

  • MT1300 Multitrimmer

    MT1300 Multitrimmer

    The MT1300 Multitrimmer is a professional machine for cutting lighter hedges of up to 30mm in diameter. The Multitrimmer cuts and pulverizes the matrial in one working proceudre, so the following cleaning process is reduced. A high speed knife-system ensures a clean cut, with no frayed branches. 

  • Market for used machines

    Market for used machines

    Visit our seond-hand section of the homepage, where you will find several interesting offers. You can visit the shop by clicking in the top-menu of the homepage. The second-hand section is updated at a regular basis with new offers, as an example we currently have a used cherry harvester on offer. All machines are – of course – serviced and ready for work.  

  • New HKL Fox Frame

    New HKL Fox Frame

    The HKL Fox frame is a further development of the HKL Ex loader frame. It was our goal, to be able to provide our customers with a loader frame for extremely heavy carrier vehicles, like Wheel-Loaders etc. The HKL Fox frame is made of 200x200mm steel tubes, enabling it to side extend up to 1,5 meters. The HKL Fox frame weighs 300 kg.   

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