Combines lightweight with great working width, enabling ligter tool carriers to prune with an working with of 250cm in one run.
Working width: 2500mm
Branch diameter: 50mm (max.)
Oil l./min.:  25 l. /min. (min.)
Oil pressure:  190 bar (max.)
Work speed:  0-3 km/h
Number of blades: 33x
Weight:  35 kg
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The HK2500-5 is a special development, which is suitable for applications demanding an extremely light Trimmer Bar. The HK2500-5 trims lighter hedges, fx. Thuja- and Beech-hedges with great results. The HK2500-5 has an unparalleled weight to cutting-width ratio, thus making it possible to work width a great working width on light carriers. The HK2500-3 Trimmer Bar is also finds its use in plantations, for an effective and labour-saving way of pruning of fruit-trees.