The HKL Ex frame offers hydraulically controlled tilt function and sideextension of up to 1 meter, and it can be fitted with an electronic valve as an option.
Width of frame: 2100mm
Oil take-offs: 3x double acting
Weight: 100 kg
Tilt function: Yes (hydraulically)
Side extension: Yes (hydraulically)
Combines with: HK2000-5, HK2000-9, HK3000-5, HS1750, HS2300
Download: pdfHKL EX


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The HKL Ex Frame is a very flexible loader frame. It has hydraulic side-extension and tilt function, which will enable you to get the maximum out of the mounted trimmer bar or saw. The HKL Ex can be equipped with an optional electronic valve and we can supply the HKL Ex frame in a left version as well, for the use on the majority of telescopic handlers like Manitou, JCB etc. The mainframe and the side-extension are made of a very strong steel tube construction, which will enable you to side-extend the working tool up to 1 meter. The Frame is mounted with the right attach-system for your carrier vehicle upon delivery.