The HK Ex has advanced funstionality, and it make it possible to maintain hedges and branches in great heights. Wit the advanced functionalty you will be able to reach in between the trees and and cut single branches if needed. 
Working height:  7m vertically
Working width: 5m horizontally 
Oil take-offs: 6x double acting
Weight: 600 kg
Combines with: HK2000-5, HK2000-9, HS2300, HS3800
Download: pdfHK EX


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The HK Ex frame has advanced maneuvering qualities when you need to maintain branches in tall hedges or want to keep a straight top line of the edge itself. The trimmer bar can be varied infinitely up to 195° which enables you to work with a horizontal angle. Moreover, you can traverse the trimmer bar up to 90° of the direction of work, thus allowing you to maintain this direction even when the frame is turned forward. In this way you will be able to reach in between the trees for cutting single branches if needed.