SK2500 is purpose build for professionals  like agricultural service supply agencies and contractors with the need of having a fast and easy way to mulch branches of up to 10cm with ease. Perfect to maintain areas along road sides, slopes and farm fields.  

Working Width: 

2,5 m
Branch diameter:  100mm (max)
Tractor HP:   120 HK+
Work speed:  0-8 km/h
Oil take-offs:  4x double acting
Number of hammers:  22x
Weight:  1030 kg
Download: pdfSK2500

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SK2500 is a flail mower designed especially for professional use, e.g. by machine pools or contractors. SK2500 will crush branches easily and effectively and can even be used to clear heavy scrubs. This makes it an ideal choice for maintenance along forest roads etc. The front plates are made of Hardox-steel and they can be opened via the hydraulics, thus making the driver’s work a lot easier.


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