Elkær Maskiner primary produces machines for nature management for farmers, landscape gardeners and fruit growers, but we also solve jobs concerning modifications of existing equipment and developing of new equipment, with new functionality or field of application. We can be of your assistance during the whole process from A to Z. Contact us for a non-binding quotation. We secure that the changes or developments are made and produced in a professional way. We can handle the necessary documents, fx. user manuals, test results, etc. so the amchine can be approved for the specific use. We also run stability-, load-  and strain-tests on the equipment to ensure that the machine is save for its purpose of use, according to valid regulations, fx CE Mark.



special maskine 1


A few years back we entered into a research project with the University of Copenhagen. The idea behind the project was to study if our HS2300 saw and a modified version of the tool frame HK Ex could be used in the spruce industry. The first tests were promising and we therefore continued the project. With a few modifications such as a new steering, the final experiments showed that the machine could be used as a spruce trimmer advantageously. The new tool frame, however, also comes in handy for other purposes where great flexibility in the maneuver-functions are wanted. 

Sprice Trimmer for the production of e.g. decorative spruce, with an Ø1200mm sawblade and a rotational telescopic arm, with a reach of 10,5 meters.    divider shadow  
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Another example of our custom made equipment is the KL-600 Lift, that can be used for trimming trees by hand, fx gardeners working at nurseries. The lift needed to be optimized and modified, so it could meet the requirements of the Danish authorities regarding safety issues. Our engineer made all the necessary documentation before the machine as tested and approved ready for duty. 


The KL-600 Lift is compact and has high reach, but it is not in danger of tilting, due to our modifications.    divider shadow  
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The Blackcurrant Trimmer is another example of our custom made equipment. The trimmer was in this case originally produced from New Holland with the purpose of harvesting vines. Progressive blackcurrant farmers in Denmark realized that they could do a more efficient job, if the harvester could be modified. Blackcurrants are much more delicate than grapes, so we need to come up with a solution, that wouldn’t ruin the berries.


The custom made spikes that ensure, that neither the berries nor the bushes are damaged in the process.     divider shadow