Parts can be ordered by phone: (+45) 65 331 331 or mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our spare parts specialist will place the order for you, and identify the right parts for your machine. 

With a warehouse of parts ready to go, and the ability to get specialty-parts produced on a day to day basis, Elkær Maskiner offers original spare parts for all our machines. We provide high standard, quality spare parts, with a world wide delivery, directly to where the part is needed. We continue to support all our machines for years and years to come, our machines have no due date. We want you to be happy with your Elkær equipment for many years to come.

   divider shadow   The original Elkær parts will keep your Elkær equipment in tip-top condition.   
  All Elkær Machines are fitted with a nameplate, that contains the specific information required to help to facilitate the spare part orders. When ordering spare parts, please confirm machine type, machine number (see name plate) and a description of the spare parts required. We recommend that only original spare parts are used for repairs. 



   divider shadow   Name plate stating the type of machine, and the serial number of the specific machine.  

We’ll take as much care servicing and repairing your machine, as we did building it. While no one can totally predict a spare part failure, we can greatly improve the likelihood that your machine will perform, due to our extensive program of high quality spare parts. Should you still happen to experience an unexpected failure, consolidate us right away, and we will support you with assistance from our Technicians. Even with field services, where possible.



   divider shadow   A technician exchanging a spare sawblade on an HS1300 saw.